Finals week is quickly approaching and students will begin switching their focus from socializing to studying. More and more students will begin hanging out on campus lawns, coffee shops, and of course the library. This is the perfect opportunity for marketers to identify college students as their target demographic and work with them before the school semester is over. Brands and companies worldwide take advantage of finals week not only to help students stay focused and motivated, but to bring more awareness to their brand in the process.

This is a perfect season to initiate college marketing efforts and help students reduce their stress. The weeks leading up to finals are a crucial time for students to stay healthy. This can be done by providing product sampling, healthy study time snack breaks, or coffee to keep them awake and motivated. These are a few ideas in which your brand can retain brand loyalty and take advantage to reach out to your college demographic during finals week.

At Campus Solutions, Inc. we work with students who need that extra motivation to make it through Finals Week. Campus Solutions, Inc. specializes in campus event marketing initiatives and on-campus media in order to reach these students. For more information please visit our website at

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