Want to execute a Student Ambassador program?

Campus Solutions can help your company develop a large student ambassador program. Student ambassadors are great for helping spread their love for your brand with other students on campus. They can develop special events and fun demos for students and faculty on campus to showcase your product.

Let Campus Solutions help you.

We can provide your company with the resources to implement a program suited for your company. By investing in a yearlong campaign, we can assure you a nation of student ambassadors on major college campuses.

Campus Solutions interviews, selects and extensively trains student ambassadors.  Each student ambassador will participate in specifically designed programs to promote your brand to fellow students.  Promotions including campus postering and table top distributions to campus tabling and college street team events are scheduled throughout the school year.

Campus Solutions is in constant communication with student ambassadors throughout the year, receiving feedback and providing insight and recommendations. This information is shared with the clients.  This is also a great opportunity for students who want to gain new skills, learn how to relate to the students on their campus, and get hands-on experience with your product and the business world.

If Campus Solutions can assist your brand expand its reach on campuses nationwide, please visit us at campussolutionsinc.com.

student ambassador program

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