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Students Spin at SoulCycle

Each time SoulCycle opens its black and yellow doors in a new town, the indoor cycling studio markets itself to the local universities.

Most recently, sessions for the inspirational 45-minute classes have started in Malibu, California. Fittingly, SoulCycle has been targeting Pepperdine University students using a great deal of field marketing, as they have in the past at The University of California, Los Angeles.

At UCLA, for example, the closest studio is about two miles away, in Brentwood.

Wearing SoulCycle gear, the SoulCylce staff ventures onto campus once a week to chat with the student body. While engaging with pupils, the young employees (usually two at a time) distribute free passes/fliers to students.  About 50 of these gratis rides are given out. The brand values building a rapport with the students, which believes helps get young adults into classes and onto bikes.

At SoulCycle, the studios host private rides for students, and they can ride exclusively with their peers in a safe, fun, upbeat and empowering environment. Sororities and fraternities regularly book social engagements, too, and houses workout among their brothers and sisters.

The brand reaches out to specific school organizations, encouraging students to come in and try a class. Collegiates sign up in advance through their clubs/affiliations so no student ID is required at the door …which obviously isn’t the case college bars and clubs!

The Greek system has also utilized SoulCycle as a fundraising mechanism. Not only can spinning be a social, group, outing, instructor bios are available online – so riders can pick a personality, and schedule a class, that suits them best.

With great dance music (they have Spotify play lists), cool spaces (dark rooms with candles), and the ability to let loose, it’s the non-alcoholic, (and potentially) sweatier) version of a night out with friends… and a bit healthier, too.


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