College students can never have too much money – or too many clothes. Well, maybe too many Greek life T-shirts.

While so many students are strapped for cash, it’s interesting to find that 68% of high school and college students say they have never had a meaningful conversation with their parents about personal finance (according to a survey conducted by Fastweb).

To combat this statistic, and H&R Block created the Dollars & Sense’s Would You Rather campaign. The interactive text message game posed penny-pitching questions and scenarios, which were followed by tips for saving money.

Several media outlets – including, The Huffington Post and Mashable – wrote about the campaign, all spreading the word.

At the same time, Actor Justin Long recorded a PSA, which aired on CBS New York and Bravo, and within the Mall of America and at Six Flags.

Snapchat, Instagram videos, Facebook and Twitter were also utilized to maximize exposure.

Altogether, more than 100,000 young people learned personal finance tips and tricks by playing the Would You Rather game between January 28 and April 3, 2014.

On a separate occasion, and retailer H&M launched the Comeback Clothes campaign. Because 85% of all textiles made (11.1 million tons – the equivalent of 70 billion fraternity and sorority T-shirts) end up in landfills each year despite the majority of fabrics are recyclable.

The international apparel brand and the non-profit organization encouraged young people to donate their old clothing (and run collection drives on campus, ultimately bringing worn wardrobes) to H&M for recycling.

Actress Olivia Wilde recorded a PSA in support of the action.

Publications such as TeenVogue, and praised the efforts alongside influential celebs like Kellan Lutz and Victoria Justice.
The campaign ran from April 10 through June 20, 2014, and more than 62,000 participants contributed more than 341,000 pounds of clothing.

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