It may not seem like it, but while summer is still in full swing, many colleges are going to be starting their fall semester in mid-to-late August, just around the corner. Thousands of students will be making the trek back to campus before the start of classes. This means that there will be thousands of potential customers in the college demographic returning to campus. Many of them will even have some newfound spending money from summer jobs.
In order to make the return to camps fun and enjoyable many schools plan events to welcome students back to school. Welcome weeks and similar events often include large school-wide fairs to showcase student clubs and local business. Campus Solutions often books tables and has street teams at these types of events to promote products and services to the students. We have surveyed students about what they want most from brand giveaways and found that they enjoy free food such as snacks, pizza and beverages and coupons for products and services. Handing out snacks and coupons can help attract students to tables and team members, even if your product or service is not food related. Campus Solutions has much experience promoting products and services to large numbers of students at welcome week events. Contact us today for help with your event or for more information!

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