Campus Solutions, Inc. offers the most comprehensive on campus media network for our clients’ campaigns.  In addition, our company is recognized as a premier on campus marketing company, providing brands with the ultimate on campus events. Our company has partnered with America’s most distinguished colleges and universities to create a variety of on campus media opportunities. We provide companies with the opportunity to create potential lifelong customers in America’s most highly sought after demographic – the college student.

On Campus Marketing:

Campus Solutions implements some of the most exciting on-campus events and college advertising campaigns each year. On campus marketing like on campus media combined with college event initiatives allow a brand to sample a product or introduce a service to students by the thousands on every campus involved.  In addition to providing the ultimate on-campus event, we realize the value of adding additional forms of college media to generate awareness before we arrive on campus. Customers agree they are more likely to purchase a product if they’ve tried it before buying. If their experience with a product is positive, the likelihood that the consumer would buy that product in a local store increases to seventy percent.

Campus Sampling:

Sampling to students may be tailored to reach men only, women only, student athletes or mass market to all students. Whether you include a trial-size product, promotion, or certificate/coupon, your company is making an impression at a time when so many initial purchase decisions are being made.

Campus Solutions provides unparalleled completion reports and proof of performance data. Our intimate interaction with your target demographic is apparent through our fulfillment reports that we impart upon the completion of all programs, not just our on campus marketing solutions. We create a video and photo account of your program’s execution. We maintain excellent rapport with our network of vendors, university personnel and the student body with each campus initiative.

We represent brands with enthusiasm and integrity.