Campus Solutions is a full-service out of home media agency that provides powerful results using innovative alternative media vehicles for a lasting impact.  Campus Solutions’ OOH campaigns generates results and buzz for almost every category.  Our innovative approaches and passion for your brand is apparent from the onset to the campaign’s execution.  We identify your consumer and deliver results and memorable consumer interaction, every time.  From street teams to major event marketing we get it done!

We partner with local businesses such as bars, bookstores, cafes, restaurants and salons and engage consumers through print media and in-store events.  Coasters, bar napkins, nail files, and promotional events are just a few of our capabilities.  When it comes to special events we are your one stop out of home media agency for acquiring permits, renting vehicles, printing, branding and hiring the best and most enthusiastic brand ambassadors ready to promote your product.

  • Street Teams
  • Guerrilla Tactics (including chalk and water stencils)
  • Sampling
  • Events
  • Stunts
  • Tours
  • Salons (salon capes, nail files, floor decals, flip flops, window/mirror clings)
  • Ambient Media
  • Distributions (coffee cups/sleeves, deli bags, saloon essentials, bar essentials)

Contact out of home media agency Campus Solutions today to see what you need to generate results!