Creative Digital ways to engage with students

College students are spending more and more time in online spaces. Whether they’re on their phone, tablet device or laptop, students’ attentions are geared towards their screens now more than ever, making it increasingly challenging to permeate and influence their spending patterns.

In order to successfully infiltrate the student subconscious, brands should dual wield a creative digital campaign and execute a well-planned campus marketing strategy, creating a singular brand message that is consistent across both offline and online advertising platforms. Campus Solutions, Inc. understand the important role that social media plays in a typical college student’s life, which is why our services are geared towards creating buzz both on and offline.

Using Social Media Advertising to engage with students

Social media advertising can be an effective tool for brands looking to confront students with their message, but it’s imperative that your campaign is well-thought out and savvy in order for it to have the best impact. Opting for a traditional, sales-focused approach will not endear you to students and is likely to do more harm than good.

Social-Media-Advertising-The-Future-Of-Advertising-for students

The secret to a successful student-focused social campaign is authenticity. If you choose to simply advertise through Instagram or Facebook then you will appear alongside all the other adverts that these smart surfers are already ignoring. We offer valuable connections with sororities, fraternities and societies that gives you a direct-line to students who are more receptive to your message when they’re introduced to you via an event organised by their peers.

Our campus events are designed to raise the profile of our clients amongst the student body, giving you a unique opportunity to approach this valuable demographic in a fun, informal fashion that will support any social media advertising that you are currently engaging in. These events are tailored to your brand message, putting your latest product line into the hands of consumers that are currently forming lifelong spending habits.

College Social Influencers

Today’s college students are ambitious and entrepreneurial; not content to just attend their classes and join a few societies, many college students become successful social influencers in their spare time, supplementing their income with money for sponsored posts on Instagram and Snapchat. The amount of money that you choose to spend on these influencers will depend on the size of their following, but it’s important to keep in mind the quality of their followers before you commit to a series of posts.

influencer-marketing for college students

‘Macro influencers’ are at the top end of the popularity spectrum, they’ll have at least 100,000 followers and are likely to command a large sum of money for their services. Thanks to their wide audience range, your posts will reach more people, but this might come at the cost of less relevant engagement. Conversely, ‘micro influencers’ have between 1000 and 100,000 followers and tend to charge less for posts. Whilst their reach might not be as wide-ranging, they are likely to have an invested followers base who will positively engage with their content and give you better value for money.

Choosing to invest in established influencers can be a risk that might not necessarily pay off, you must ensure that their niche aligns with your brand and that their followers are the kind of people who you are looking to appeal to. In their own way, most college students are influencers, whether intentionally or not. By using smart, innovative campus marketing techniques you can encourage meaningful interactions between your brand and your target demographic. Competitions, photo booths and events that encourage photo opportunities are all a great way of creating spontaneous moments for students to capture and share on their social networks, removing the need to spend money on professional influencers.

Improving online marketing with offline marketing techniques to reach more students

Most businesses will be using some form of digital marketing, but it’s only by marrying your online efforts with offline marketing techniques that you can successfully engage the student demographic, a group of people who, despite spending a large amount of time in online worlds, prize authenticity and ‘real-life’ experiences above all else. We can you help co-ordinate a campus marketing strategy that ties in seamlessly with your current advertising technique and drops your brand straight into the college experience.

offline marketing for college students

If you’re looking to target students who are brand new to college life then our Dorm Room Distribution service offers an unparalleled opportunity for you to become top-of-mind for these fish out of water, who might be living independently for the first time in their lives and forming new spending habits that could last a lifetime. Similarly, our Brand Ambassadors are trained to effectively engage with their peers and communicate (rather than sell) your message or product to college students.

Take a look at our Services page to see how we can help your brand its college going audience, you can give Campus Solutions Inc, a call on (212) 386-7617 or send us an email

Bryan Carbone has over 20 years experience in college media, advertising and Out-of-Home media. Having established one of the country’s most innovative college marketing agencies in the U.S., working with more than 4,000 universities, Bryan has developed college targeted campaigns for Fortune 500 companies such as Clinique, P&G, Bare Minerals, Luxottica, as well as The USMC and Peace Corps and many more.