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Campus Solutions, Inc. is the premier branding and college marketing agency in the US. Comprised of industry experts with decades of experience, Campus Solutions has relationships with more than 4,000 universities, student unions and fraternal organizations across the country.

College students are the Holy Grail among marketers. They’re young, impressionable, have yet to establish brand loyalty and they have discretionary money — albeit their parents’ — for the first time in their lives. This represents an opportune time for any marketer to expose their products to this audience, and establish loyalty early. Campus Solutions have the answers for companies looking to step into College Marketing or Sorority Marketing.

Bare Minerals & Cosmopolitan Sleep In The Bare Sorority Tour Spring ’17

Bryan Carbone Campus Marketing Agency DirectorBryan Carbone leads Campus Solutions; with over 20 years of experience in college marketing and OOH media. He’s an expert when it comes to connecting companies and brands with the audience they are reaching for.

Bryan has developed campus marketing strategies throughout the years that target the most valuable demographic to each client’s needs.

Bryan’s expert marketing credentials make him the best choice to develop on-campus events, concerts, parties, on campus-make-overs, charging stations and content giveaways.

Clients from the Fortune 500 regularly contract with Campus Solutions for special events, premieres, product launches and brand awareness campaigns, realizing the firm is the most inter-connected marketing agency in the country to reach this lucrative audience, whose discretionary spending has reached $60 billion a year.

“Wanted to say thank you and appreciate all the help on the successful HISTORY program.”

“A HUGE congrats on a successful 25 market campus tour! WOO HOO!!
It was truly a pleasure working with you this year and I’m looking forward to more fun adventures…”

College students are consumers — hungry, excited consumers eager to flex their new financial freedom and spend. Now is the time to reach them. Call today and find out why so many companies trust Campus Solutions, Inc. as their go-to college marketing agency.

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