Many small and large companies are firm believers in sampling to their ideal demographic.  And customers agree there is less buyer’s resistance once they’ve tried a product initially before buying.  As a way to reach college athletes, Campus Solutions is providing companies with the opportunity to reach physically fit college men and women by providing on-campus sampling events through the student recreation centers and the intramural fields.

The College Athlete: Student Recreation Centers

Through our network of faculty, your product will be sampled to each male and female student as they enter the sports complex – as they prepare for their grueling workouts.  Campus Solutions can capitalize on this stream of students by providing a product that they can rely on and sample at a time they need it most.

The College Athlete: Intramural Fields

Intramural sports fields attract athletic-minded students who participate in school sports, offering an ideal environment to sample products geared towards athletes.  Reaching students through the IM leagues allows you to reach a highly-concentrated group of student athletes.  The goal here is to capture a broad group of athletes and provide them with your product after their practice or game.

Campus Solutions is recognized for creating effective college advertising opportunities that target specific niches within the college student demographic.  For more information, please visit Campus Solutions’s website at or feel free to reach Bryan Carbone directly at

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