Sock Maker Hires Company to Promote Champion Line With Athletic-Minded Students on University Campuses

New York — A drive to promote the Champion line of men’s sock wear resulted in a successful, five-campus college tour launched by Campus Solutions Inc this past academic year, it was announced today by Bryan Carbone, President, Campus Solutions Inc. The New Jersey-based marketing company, one of only a few firms specializing in college marketing, put together a comprehensive tour of university campuses in which more than 10,000 pairs of socks were distributed to college athletes, in addition to 10,000 water bottles, key chains and magnets. Additionally, the company wrapped three cargo vans in Champion colors and banners, and also sponsored a raffle in which students could win $250 worth of Champion gear.

The tour included campuses of Boston University, Boston College, University of Hartford, Temple University, La Salle University throughout the fall semester of 2006.

“This was a different campaign in which the client wanted to target a specific audience within the university system – athletes,” explained Bryan Carbone, President, Campus Solutions Inc. “We worked with Champion in putting together a small tour of universities with large athletic programs, and designed features to best attract these students. The end result was an incredibly successful campaign in which thousands of student athletes were introduced to the Champion brand of sock wear.”

“It was a very pleasurable experience working with Campus Solutions on our Champion High Performance Sock campus tour,” said Brenna B. Husel, who oversees marketing for Champion as part of Hanesbrands Inc. “The campaign was executed professionally and the enthusiasm the brand ambassadors generated for the brand was great. Campus Solutions has the ability to target not just college students in general but they can pinpoint college athletes specifically which was necessary for this program to succeed. Our samples were given to students just as they entered the student athletic centers enabling them to wear our socks that same day during their workouts. Reaching active students on the intramural fields was a fresh venue for us and the sample recipients were delighted that we were involving them on that local level.”

More than 17 million students – the largest enrollment ever – will attend U.S. college and universities this year, according to an industry forecast by Veronis Suhler Stevenson. The prized demographic is estimated to have spent more than $21.5 billion on food and beverage; $21 billion on electronics and cell phones; $10.5 billion on entertainment; $6.5 billion on footwear and apparel; and $6 billion on health and beauty. Additionally, 93 percent of this audience has credit cards, and 97 percent of them make their purchases off campus. Additionally, this year’s student body is said to be the most wired ever, spending an average of 11 hours a day engaged with media, whether it be cell phones, laptops, Blackberrys or i-Pods.

Campus Solutions is currently working on several major campaigns with Fortune 500 companies to introduce new products to the 2007-2008 college audience, and will announce several new partnerships in the coming months.


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