A Classic Pastime as a Golden Marketing Opportunity
Every former university student remembers waking up early on a Saturday morning only to sit outside in a cold parking lot on the day of the big game. Tailgating is a fun way to pump up the whole campus before the game and to reach crowds in a fun atmosphere when most people are in a good mood.  Students, parents, and alumni all attend these events. Many campuses are the most packed during football season, and most people can be found in one place in the hours before the game–the stadium parking lot.
With so many people gathered in one place, marketing at these events can be key. A big rivalry game such as Ohio State vs Michigan can draw crowds in the hundred thousands. Ohio Stadium has a capacity of 104,944 so this school is no stranger to large crowds. This year the OSU vs MU game will be at Ohio Stadium on November 26th! Campus Solutions will be implementing college football tailgate events at games like this one and many others this season. One of the best ways to get your products to the college demographic and more is to let us plan you a tailgating event! Contact Campus Solutions for more information.

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